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Mark and Deniz

Hello! こんにちは. Merhaba!
Welcome to our site. いらっしゃいませ. Hoş geldiniz.

We hope to be able to share some bits of our life with you. We figured this would be a nice place to share stuff.

2018 has proven to go just as fast as 2017, if not faster. After delaying our roof for the past few years we finally bit the bullet and got our roof re-done. It sure is nice now. Click here to read more about our roof relations in our blog.

We also welcomed yet another new canary. A male companion for Maya as Milo was not working out with her. His name is Nobu. His picture can be viewed in Our Pets .

Our gardens were a huge success this year making up for last year. The consistent heat and humidity this past summer really helped the tomatoes. Click here to read more about our garden in our blog.

I also bought a new mask from now retired, Jerry Wright. One last one from him to hopefully last my remaining playing days. I once again sought the help of air brush artist, Jay Plant to make my vision of the Samurai 2 mask design a reality. Click here to see the mask in our blog.


During 2017 we visited our relatives in Edmonton. Was really nice to see Rogers Place, the new home of the Edmonton Oilers! We had a nice visit seeing places we had not visited in previous trips.

The summer and fall were activities towards the Dino’s move from their townhouse to a new condo closer to us. It was a huge effort but it is done and they are settling in.

We also welcomed a new canary. A female companion for Milo to hopefully continue the family going. Her name is Maya. Can view her picture in Our Pets .

In 2016, we sadly lost the older of the canary kids, Yojo. We are actually not sure what happened. He had passed on suddenly without any explanation. Then a week later, Zozo suffered some kind of inner ear/brain/nervous system illness. We nursed him back but half a year later he had a relapse. Again, he recovered somewhat. He is not back to normal as we feel he will live with this ailment for the remainder of his life. He’s a smart canary though and seems to be adapting to life with this issue.

We also made another trip back to Japan in September. It was a short visit but still well worth it. We stayed for just under a week seeing parts of Tokyo, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. Click here to see more in our blogs.

We also decided to showcase our travel blogs and pictures along with our experiences eating at various places at home and away. We set up wordpress blog site, accompanying Instagram and Twitter page under the name Touchaku, which means arrivals in Japanese. We also created wordpress blog site, accompanying Instagram and Twitter page under the name Shokumotsu, which means food in Japanese. You can find links to these sties on the right side bar.

Mark also started writing for Japan Travel. See right side bar for links to articles.

In 2014, we welcomed in a new addition to our household in January. We thought we would get ZoZo a girlfriend. We named her Koko. In March, 3 eggs were laid in her nest and 2 hatched. They were now the proud parents of 2 little baby canaries. Both have much more colouring from Koko. There are pictures of all in Our Pets page. Also, can see more in our blogs ...Click here to see blogs on baby canaries.

At the end of March into beginning of April 2014 we took a trip to Tokyo, Japan. My first time and Deniz' second. It was great to finally visit my roots. We'd like to return to visit other places. See our blog for more.....Click here to see more of Japan trip.

The highlight of the summer of 2012 was the construction of our new backyard deck. Check out the Deck Project for some pictures and our blog for more step by step pictures and information.