Deniz and Mark

Hello! こんにちは. Merhaba!

Welcome to our redesigned site. いらっしゃいませ. Hoş geldiniz.

We'll continue to share some stuff with you here.

We got our first vaccinations! Whoohooo! Second dose scheduled for mid September but hopefully, will be moved up.

Purely weird weather this spring. It got warm early but we had deep dives of the temperature. Last Friday, May 28th, we actually had a snow storm. Prior to that temperatures were up around 30 and a week later we find ourselves back up to that point.

Got our vegetable gardens set up. Spent a good three days clearing the weeds out, topping off the existing garden beds with new top soil, preparing two new garden beds and planting everything into their places whether that be in one of the garden beds or pots. You can see more in our NEW Gardens page.

Next task will be to re-stain our cedar deck. I have been using latex stain which initially works great but it only lasts a couple of years. I am now going to switch to oil based stain to see if we'll get more out of it.

Also added a new page to my Goalie Masks describing my first mask that begun my admiration and appreciation for Jerry Wright's masks. You can find this in the NEW Panther Mask page.

Not much to say about 2020. The year of the pandemic and lockdowns. We are well and looking forward to getting our vaccinations and hoping by fall things can start returning to normal.

Time just keeps flying by faster and faster as 2019 was even quicker. For trips, we visited San Francisco. Click here for our San Francisco trip blog. We also celebrated our 10th anniversary in Rome, in the fall. Click here for our Rome trip blog. I also upgraded my 2015 4Runner to a 2020 4Runner. We then started 2020 on a sad note as we lost our 10 year old canary, Zozo.

2018 went just as fast as 2017, if not faster! We made another trip to Tokyo, Japan in early November. Click here to for our blog on the trip.

After delaying our roof for the past few years we finally bit the bullet and got our roof re-done. It sure is nice now. Click here to read more about our roof relations in our blog.

We also welcomed yet another new canary. A male companion for Maya as Milo was not working out with her. His name is Nobu. His picture can be viewed in Our Pets . Sadly, we lost Siamey in the fall. His health had not been well over recent years.

Our gardens were a huge success this year making up for last year. The consistent heat and humidity this past summer really helped the tomatoes. Click here to read more about our garden in our blog.