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    Even though my snowblower is a bit small for the size of our driveway it has done the job. But when we get wet snow, the smaller chute on the blower gets clogged quite easily. This makes cleaning the driveway a slow and painfully enduring task. I spent a gruelling 3-plus hours out there last winter. Go a few feet until the chute clogs…..get the brush tool to chip away and clear the chute….go another few feet until it clogs up again….repeat. So I started considering buying a much larger snowblower. However, I have an ATV and have seen a neighbor down the road using one with a plow. Buying a plow for the ATV would be much cheaper than a large snowblower. After looking at various products I got the Click ‘n’ Go 2 from Royal Distributing last spring on no tax day. The plow can be mounted and removed fairly easily. I liked that feature. The blade has 5 different angle settings too. Some other models can be adjusted using a motorized control but, mine is manual. Not a big deal. Just need to hop off the ATV, press the disengage pedal while moving the blade to the desired angle, release pedal and let click into place to lock. There’s also height adjustment feet on the bottom. The blade lowers and raised by use of the winch.

    The winch is another story. To make this long story shorter…..I ended up with a new winch but may not have had to. The winch stopped working and since I knew the contacted was going (was told by the previous owner), I ended up taking steps which I thought were short cuts but in the end costed me more time and possibly more money. Short cuts rarely work. I should have known better. If the original winch is still operational (will check in the spring) I will use it to help hoist things up into the loft of the shed garage.



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    We’ll, after watching everyone else around us get pelted with snow we are too getting plenty of the white stuff. It’s only Tuesday and since just Saturday we have received approximately 25cms of snow. I have been out there every day so far to snow blow the stuff. Fortunately one good thing about these cold temperatures is that the snow is lighter. Easier to clear. It can be so dry it blows around too much so I used the atv and plow on the weekend.

    Yesterday after clearing some snow I took these pics. Something really nice about smooth undisturbed snow glistening in the sun.





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    I wasn’t crazy about the Dunlop tires that came with my Tacoma from the beginning but since tires aren’t cheap, I endured it for a while. First winter they did pretty well but then we didn’t have that much snow. But with just 33,000 kms on them they barely stick on wet roads. I read reviews on 1010Tires, and the Tire rack where many owners of the Dunlop Grandtrek A20 wrote reviews. Seems I’m not alone in thinking these are crap tires and calling upon Toyota to choose better tires. Strange how when you get the TRD sport package with the access cab (small jump seats in back) you get good BFG AT tires but get these crapoy things with the double cab.

    Although I still have tire coverage for the Dunlops, I came to the point where with winter now here they simply are no longer safe. I finally got the tires I wanted from day one. The Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVO2. Much more aggressive tire than the Dunlops. I had used the original design on my 82′ pickup and then used these tires on my Pathy. While they are not a snow tire they function almost as good as a winter tire. The wider grooves dig through the snow. These are my favorite tire and now feel more confident knowing I have better footing on the truck.