• August 6, 2014 /  Misc

    This past weekend my cousin, Amber and her fiancĂ©, James hosted their engagement party. For their party I put together a 64 piece sushi platter. Complete with heart shaped sushi ingredients and decorated with parsley, heart shaped cucumber, heart shaped cucumber cut outs and cucumber butterflies. Complimented with ginger, soy sauce and wasabi on the side. It was a great success and I couldn’t have been happier that everyone enjoyed it!!




  • August 6, 2014 /  Misc

    I have admired and wanted a John Deere lawn tractor for a little while now. With our Craftsman getting older and Sears pulling out of Canada, the time seemed good to do an upgrade. I had no complaints about the old tractor but it was a pain whenever I needed parts for it. Can only get it through Sears parts via a phone call. I wanted something where parts were more readily available. Not far from us is a big John Deere dealer. Back in July we made a visit and had a great salesman help us out. We even test drove it. The salesman got both Deniz and I on the tractor and walked us through how to operate it and some of the main features. This was great!!

    It was delivered to our home on Wednesday, July 16th. It’s been a great machine so far. Some nice features and a smoother ride.



  • August 2, 2014 /  Misc, Remembering Charles

    Happy Birthday, Dad!!