• May 27, 2015 /  Misc

    As a couple of years have passed since I last sanded the back deck and sealed it, the time has come again. I was t too happy with Thompsons last time so I researched solutions for cedar decks. Behr’s transparent cedar stain had quite a number of good reviews so I gave that s try this time. I once again rented a floor sander which went much better this time.  The next day Deniz and I applied two coats of the clear stain sealant. Here’s a good picture near the stairs.  I haven’t done the stairs yet and you can see how the sanding took off the bleached grey and the clear stain has made it look like wet cedar. 

    This picture shows the boards. I didn’t go too deep with the sanding in order to maintain the lines to accentuate the grain and knots.