• June 21, 2015 /  Misc

    As mentioned when Deniz got her new Highlander, we weren’t really planning on upgrading either vehicle but it happened again. This time initiated by me.  I had been pondering the idea of trading in my beloved Tacoma for a 4Runner since the beginning of the year.  Since Deniz does not drive a manual (my Tacoma was a 6-speed manual) and it seated 5, we hardly used it.  Especially since Deniz got the 8-seater Highlander we have been using that a lot.  We’ve taken 6 or 7 and on one occasion filled to capacity at 8 passengers!  For our trips up to Manatoulin Island, our friends cottages and some other road trips we always took Deniz’ vehicle so that we could split the driving.  So, while I still very much enjoy driving a manual, i started to realize that we were over-utilizing Deniz’ vehicle and under-utilizing mine.  So, I started to give the 4Runner a closer look.  Then, I called Ryan at Georgetown Toyota.  Once again he worked out a great deal and made the numbers work. 

    I got a 2015 4Runner SR5 base model with upgrade package.  It’s a 7-seater, automatic, not quite as spacious as Deniz’ Highlander but at least possible to haul more than the standard 5 if needed.  Power seats for driver (8-way) and front passenger (5-way) gets us into the optimum seating position.  This was a problem with the Tacoma.  The Tacoma drivers seat was only a 3-way, that was low and slanted back a lot.  With no ability to adjust the seat flatter and/or higher meant a lower seating position.  As such, both side mirrors were right in my vision path when turning.  It’s amazing how my outwRd vision is so much improved simply from getting the seating position just right.  The seats are made of Softex, a synthetic leather product.  I’ve never been a fan of leather as I sweat on it.  So, we’ll see how this goes. On the positive note, it’ll be so much easier to clean.  I sweated in the Tacoma’s premium cloth seats during the summer a lot.  It seemed to hold a lot of heat.  It was like sitting in a heated seat all the way home.  

    I’ll certainly miss the Tacoma.  I had wanted one for so long and I was so happy when I got it.  But over time I realized that while I really liked the truck, that it perhaps was not the best vehicle for me.  I think the 4Runner will work better for us.  Already today we took it to Amber and James jack’n’Jill party.  Deniz and I split the driving, everyone liked the smooth ride, and found it easier to get in and out of. 

    Toyota 4Runners are made in Tahara, Aichi, Japan.  Shipped across the Pacific to Vancouver where they are then loaded onto trains to cross Canada and then trucked to the dealership.  Quite the journey.  I got lucky as I only waited just under two weeks for it.  They managed to get one already in transit. This also happens to be my first automatic.  Never owned one before.  Given how traffic just gets worse and worse, my left foot will probably appreciate it.  

    Here are some pics: