• June 30, 2016 /  Misc, Uncategorized

    We have a new friend.  He’s probably the same chipmunk that’s been around the past couple of years.  But this year we started to put out more peanuts – for him and Mr Bluejay.  We meet Chippy everyday round 5:30pm when we head out to water the garden.  Sometimes we are later in getting out and he comes to the back door, stands up and looks in.  Too funny!  He started accepting peanuts right out of our hands.   

  • June 30, 2016 /  Misc, Uncategorized

    We currently have a pilot program underway that allows us to work from home a day or two per week until October.  It’s great being home as I can make myself better meals.  I prepared this fruit medley served a grapefruit half as the bowl. Much more enjoyable than the banana, apple and almonds I usually have.  

  • June 21, 2016 /  Misc, Uncategorized

    Past few days have been incredibly hot and humid but a cooler front rolled in yesterday afternoon bringing strong winds and some nasty storms to the north and east.  Then, the sunset fired up the clouds. 

  • June 19, 2016 /  Misc, Remembering Charles, Uncategorized

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  A special wish for my dad who I miss and appreciate more with each day that passes. 

  • June 16, 2016 /  Misc, Uncategorized

    Summer all of the sudden came.  And with that came a raccoon looking for a new den.  We barely saw any raccoons here in the first 6 years but in the last year 1 or 2 have started to come around.  Still, we didn’t have any issues until 2 weeks ago when Deniz heard something inside the roof of our covered porch.  When I got home I tapped around and heard nothing.  After investigating I discovered a hole in the roof by the eaves trough.  Shingles were peeled off and a hole chewed right through the particle board.  Thinking whatever did this was gone I boarded up the hole.  After dinner I could hear a bunch of racket coming from the front porch to hear something was inside still and probably freaking out.  I removed the board and then stood back. A few minutes later a raccoon popped it’s head out.  A few curse words then followed. 

    I then looked up our area to see if there were any support services.  There aren’t any.  After speaking with some who’ve experienced this and reading tips online, seems like noise and anything to disturb it would hopefully make it go away. We left a radio on all day to make sure it could not get any rest.  After about 5 days and no luck I called a private service – Halton Wildlife.  They installed a one way door and for future protection had cages installed over my roof vents.  

    That night it left to go get food and then proceeded to make a racket trying to get back in. I was up between 2am and 6am to scare it off each time it returned.  Long story shorter, I think after blocking up the hole it made and through repeated chasing I have not seen it back in several days now. I hope it found a new den somewhere else.  The law really protects these nuisance creatures. I certainly don’t wish any cruelty towards them as they’re simply just trying to live.  But the Ontario government limits how far a trapped raccoon can be released to just 1km away.  That’s useless.  As a homeowner all we can do is keep bothering the raccoon until it leaves.  Any other measures are illegal.  I almost felt the raccoon laughing at me….thumbing its nose at me knowing that I can’t legally do much its presence.