• June 21, 2017 /  Misc

    This rose has been a pleasant surprise.  Last fall, it was looking dead.  It had gone brown before anything else.  We even stopped watering it.  Instead of throwing it out though winter came pretty quick so I just placed it in the shed. To my surprise when I opened up the shed in the spring and saw the rose all green and leafy.  Now it had flowers and many more buds.  Incredible!!

  • June 20, 2017 /  Photography

    As mentioned in my previous post, here are the new additions to my lenses.

    Sigma 18mm-250mm.  A nice compact lense for general purposes. Great all round lense. 

    And Sigma 150mm-600mm.  This is a great lense for that extra reach to get closer to that deer, or blue jay. 

    And the thing I love about Sigma in addition to the quality is that they always include a lense hood.  Gotta love Sigma!

  • June 20, 2017 /  Photography

    As I have been into photography for many years, keeping relatively current can be a challenge. Anything with technology costs a lot up front and rapidly depreciates.  I had purchased my first DSLR about 11 years ago. I transitioned out of 35mm film and into the digital world.  With the recommendation of a pro photographer I decided to get a Canon and chose the 30D.  This model is in the ‘Enthausiast’ classification.  Something of better quality than the popular consumer products but not quite as good as pro….and considerably cheaper too.  I had purchased a kit so I also got a short range zoom (18-55).  I used this camera until a year and a half ago, when I upgraded and bought its successor by several years, the 70D.  Lots of improvements!  Remembering what I paid for the camera in the first place and seeing it’s current market value discouraged me from selling or trading it in.  So I kept it thinking I could still make use of it.  But once I got the 70D, the extra features and the better sensor etc, I never did use the old 30D. 

    Likewise with lenses.  I had tried to be cheap and bought good lenses but without stabilization.  Then I earlier this year I decided to get a 70-300 zoom ‘with’ stabilization’ and have quickly learned the value of that feature.  I had taken thousands of pictures over the years so I figured why do I need this?  But over the years I have also had many blurred pictures due to camera shake.  Stabilization can reduce blurred pictures leaving us with more good pictures. 

    The point I’m working towards is to not be cheap as this can ironically end up being the more expensive route and to not hang on to everything thinking I’ll use it since in most cases i probably won’t.  

    I had been wanting a powerful zoom to take better wildlife pictures.  I had found a cheap but very powerful lense (1300-2600).  It is a tank!  It also is very basic. No auto focus and certainly no stabilization.  Sliding the zoom collar out is hardly smooth.  It did take relatively good pictures of the moon.  It’s doable for something not moving when there’s lots of time to fiddle.  But this was hardly practical for things that move or are not still very long like wildlife.  

    So, I found a very decent lense by Sigma (150-600) at an affordable price.  Still expensive but at least not the cost of a used car.  And with this power it MUST have stabilization.  After reading hundreds of good reviews I went to Henry’s with ALL my old camera gear.  I got the lense and traded in my old 30D kit and the 2 lenses I no longer used.  I didn’t get much for it but at least it was something.  That equipment may also be decent for someone else and could be put to use. And it’s no longer adding to MY clutter.  

    Knowing when to get rid of something can be tricky.  The answer is not the same for everything and it also depends on usage.  I may have hung onto the old 30D too long.  Perhaps I’ll keep an eye on the market value of the 70D I have and consider trading up when the time is right.  Ah yes….when the time is right….

  • June 20, 2017 /  Misc

    During dinner we were surprised by not one deer but two deer wandering around the back of our yard.  Was pretty exciting. 

    These pictures are from Deniz and her iPhone.  I was fiddling with my DSLR and new zoom lense. 

  • June 18, 2017 /  Misc, Remembering Charles

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. It’s this day that I miss mine the most.  I hope my dad is well, wherever he may be.  For us sons (or daughters) we should thank our Father’s for shaping us into who we are today.