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    Can be summed up like a bad Dr. Seuss story called "when not much goes right with your business flight". For those that aren't aware, she's been sent to Dubai. For Deniz, her problems began as we arrived at the airport at 11am Friday. Attempting to check in the machine would could not find her flight information. It was also now showing as being cancelled. We then approached an agent standing at the start of lineups to ask him about it. First, it's an Air Canada flight package with partner Swiss. He saw Swiss and told us we need to go to the other terminal. According to the itinerary we were in the correct terminal. He said he didn't understand the itinerary and to find a GTAA person for help. We found one and she also didn't know anything and told us to go to the other terminal. Frustrated we just walked away and lined up at the priority checkin. She wasn't a priority customer but didn't want to waste time in the longer line if we were supposed to be elsewhere. Well…rules are rules and the agent there was strict and annoyed by us being there and would not even hear our issue and told us to go line up properly. While in line Deniz received an updated itinerary. We got to the agent and everything processed fine.

    So, her first flight got cancelled and she was re-booked on a flight leaving an hour later. That flight got delayed and left 40mins late. She arrived in Montreal and ran to the next gate but arrived after they had closed the doors. The plane was still there but they would not allow her to board saying that her luggage had already been pulled and there was no way to reverse that at that point. Remember this as it will become important later in this story. They then took a little sympathy, probably because she had run, was out of breath and looking tired already. They took her by cart to customer service. They had difficulty but found another flight going through Brussels instead of her original path of Zurich. This was leaving three hours later so time to waste. She got on that flight and fortunately was sitting in a 2 seat row all to herself. Unfortunately it was right by the stinky washroom. In Brussels she had now seven hours to waste before her last leg to Dubai.

    She finally arrived in Dubai around 11:40pm local time. Customs was quick and she was then off to get her luggage. Her luggage didn't come out so she then went to customer services. They spent some time tracking down her bag. They told her that it had come via Swiss (her original path) and they had it. But she had to go to the other terminal which involved a walk outside, wait for shuttle bus and then walk back in. Almost 45mins had passed since I had heard from her so I thought she would be in a taxi on her way to the hotel but she was just arriving at Swiss customer service. They then took some time to track it down. They told her it was not there but was in Zurich and would be sent on the next flight out (24hrs later). By this time she was hot, sweaty and beyond exhaustion. Off to the taxi stand with nothing to her hotel. So, remember when she was refused to board and was told her luggage had been pulled? Apparently it wasn't and it went to Zurich. It was there they learned she was no longer on this flight path and pulled her luggage.

    She finally got into a taxi (a Lexus!!) at 2:15am and started her way to the hotel. I forgot to mention how incredibly hot it is there. At 2:30am it was 37C!!! She finally got into her room a little before 3am. We did a short video FaceTime chat. Fancy room! Spacious with a kitchen and raised bedroom area. Looks like hardwood flooring and marble stairs. By 4am she was finally getting into bed. She woke at 8am and made her way to the office where she spent a full day in meetings. They work Sunday to Thursday in Dubai. It's Sunday evening there as I write this.

    It's a shame that there weren't any direct flights or flights with just one stop on that day. Had there been better options on that day it would have made things so much easier for her.

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