• October 6, 2017 /  Misc

    After our first gazebo weathered away after five good years, we could not have asked for more from it. It was only $150 to begin with from a year end sale at Superstore. A true bargain! This time, we wanted something more durable for its replacement. We sought out different types and also considered building one from scratch. But we found a nice cedar frame gazebo with aluminum roof from Costco. The only problem is they were sold out all summer and we were not able to get it until mid September. I invited a couple friends over and we assembled the main structure and completed most of the roof framing. Unfortunately we were missing two pieces of the roof frame. Yardistry Structures was quick in sending me the missing parts. It was at our door the next day. But, for a few weekends afterwards we were unable to gather enough friends over to complete the assembly. We ended up hiring a service to complete the job. Pricing was very good and they did a great job. Here’s a sneak peak at our new gazebo!

    Posted by Mark @ 4:02 pm

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