• July 31, 2012 /  Deck Project 2012

    Norm completed the deck today! Finishing the roof for the BBQ pit was done today as well as lots of trim work. There’s just a few last things for me to do now. I will be looking for some nice clips to tidy up the wire for the Noma lights in the BBQ pit. I’ll also go around and do some light sanding where required. The deck looks awesome!! We’ll be paying for this deck for a while but being able to enjoy it everyday will help nurse the impact. Norm had to battle through some pretty hot and humid days. Having to slug through that is something you can’t put a price tag on. I’d like to thank Norm for building us this wonderful looking and well built deck. I’ll seal it next year and keep on it do it’ll last many years to come! I didn’t get any shots today but took one of the BBQ area with the lights.

    The deck is 20′ x 42’……and used over 3000 screws!



    Posted by Mark @ 10:05 pm

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