• March 19, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    I managed to catch the older guy with his/her eyes open just after feeding.



    Posted by Mark @ 6:55 pm

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  • Hi Mark,
    As you are getting nearer your destination, we are getting ready to go bed. The birdies have done very well today. Although I Had to use the seerator two times because Coco and Zozo got into a fight, but they finally got the message and started to behave. I gave them two rounds of broccoli, smaller pieces than what you gave them last night. I also replenished their Momix meals by half a spood each. The babies started to speak louder today. I am getting ready to give Siamey his medicine soon, he is licking his plate as I write to you. I will try to give his medicine now. I spoke to Sylvia two times,I thought her how to have the Tokyo time on hand, by using the clock on her dashboard. Siamey is here asking for his medicine, I have to go. We miss you very much already. Pls. send us a message and let us know when tomorrow you can call us on skype, so that I can let Sylvia know before hand. I hope you had a good journey and will have a nice rest before you hit the streets of Tokyo. We miss you already.

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