• November 26, 2017 /  Canary, Misc

    We got confirmation that Maya is a girl. She laid a couple of eggs yesterday. They’re not fertilized so they would only be good for a couple of very small omelettes. Unfortunately too they both broke on the bottom. Time for her to meet Milo.

  • November 12, 2017 /  Canary, Misc

    After matching Zozo with a mate, we were now thinking of doing the same with his son, Milo. So, off to a canary seller we went and returned with a pretty female canary. We’ve named her Maya and hope she will like Milo. Welcome Maya!

  • February 11, 2016 /  Canary

    We have heavy hearts again today as we lost the older of the two canary children, Yojo.  This loss was sudden and unexpected.  He’s been fine until last night where he seemed a little off. He occasionally fell while jumping from one perch to the next. I watched him closely and he otherwise seemed fine.  I thought maybe he hurt his foot or something.  And he may well have but ended up getting too worked up while struggling around.  He was fine when I left for work but unfortunately again for Deniz she made the sad discovery after uncovering the bird cages after I left.  

    He didn’t quite make his second birthday.  Since the fall, He had emerged as a real strong singer. We will really miss him. One of those puzzling things we will never know why.  

    RIP Yojo – March 9, 2014 – Feb 11, 2016


  • September 10, 2015 /  Canary, Misc

    We have heavy hearts today as one of our canaries, Koko passed away this morning from a respiratory problem she had been living with for a while.  Her mate, Zozo seems to already miss her.  I’m sure her two off-spring, Milo and Yojo will miss their mom. 

    Koko will be missed by us all. 


  • April 6, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    They sure have changed during the two weeks we were away. They are completely out if the nest now. They’re feeding themselves some of the time. They have bare bellies but are getting their adult feathers from the head down. The older one even escaped out of the cage while I was topping up the seeds last night and took a flight around the dining room.

    Here’s the older one. He/she has strong orange wing tips and patches like Daddy Zozo.


    Here’s the younger one. Still with some baby feathers on its head.


  • March 19, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    I managed to catch the older guy with his/her eyes open just after feeding.



  • March 19, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    These two are growing really fast. Can’t see from this picture but their legs and feet are almost full size. They have a lot of fluff and the older one opened its eyes!! Just look at the size difference between the egg that has been left there and them.


  • March 17, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    Here’s the older one relaxing with his/her mom.


  • March 16, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    I noticed the siblings snuggled against each other, side by side. In the one photo you can see how much they’ve grown by how small the egg is that was left in.



  • March 16, 2014 /  Canary, Misc

    Here’s the older one. Has eyes now that open when mommy feeds. He/she is now one week old.