• December 25, 2014 /  Misc

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Here’s our Coca Cola village.







  • December 15, 2014 /  Misc

    We hadn’t planned on upgrading either of our wheels yet but our salesman from Georgetown Toyota, Ryancalled to see if Deniz was interested in upgrading her 2012 RAV4 to a new 2015. He said he could get us into one without any change to her monthly car payment amount. We discussed this and concluded that while the RAV4 was a good a vehicle that we wanted something with more seating. With Deniz’ Dad unable to drive and the need for us to help various aging family members out every now and then, the extra seating is very beneficial. So, I called Ryan back to let him know that we’d be more interested in a Highlander if he could make the numbers work.

    Long story short, he got us into a 2015 Highlander LE AWD, for just a little more per month than the RAV4. There was such a backlog that there weren’t any to test drive and we were told it could be at least 3 months or more before it would arrive. About just two weeks after signing the deal Ryan called to let us know that the Highlander would be in a lot sooner than anticipated, and could arrive in a week. It arrived two days later. We had to wait a week anyway as Deniz had requested an auto-dimming mirror to be installed which they threw in at no cost.

    It was also promotions week there so we got a bag full of Toyota stuff – travel mug, snow brush, etc. They also had “Palinko” set up to play for a prize. We won dinner for two at the Cellar, an upscale restaurant in Georgetown. We were hoping for the big TV or game system but hey…..it’s a prize and a nice dinner out will be great.

    So here is Deniz’ new 2015 Highlander LE AWD. Hard to get good pictures at this time of year. I snapped a few while in the delivery bay at the dealership. It’s nice and messy now like all the other cars out there. It’s very smooth, quiet and enjoyable to drive.




  • December 1, 2014 /  Misc

    Just for a day…….again…….we got some mild temperatures. Gave us a chance to clean up the leaves and put up some lights. Got up to around 14 degrees. At 6pm once dark it was still 10. Then within a half hour it fell to 4. Won’t be too bad today as the high will be 2.