• August 23, 2016 /  Misc

    Last Thursday evening we had quite the vibrant sunset.  A bright orange sunset shining against a dark band of clouds.  Almost made it look like there was a huge fire. 

  • August 23, 2016 /  Misc

    I recently got a new zoom lense.  It’s cheap quality and price, however very powerful.  Last Tuesday we had a clear night and a bright full moon.  While my main reason for purchasing is to take wildlife pictures I thought I’d see what I could get by capturing the moon.  I was quite impressed.  Can actually see some craters along the lower edge.  

  • August 7, 2016 /  Misc

    I know….just what we need…more blogs and more sites to look at.  BUT….I keep hearing how people have become successful through blogging and/or through making use of the various social media sites. It’s a long shot but I figured I’m already blogging so why not.  I want to attract more attention to my travel blogs and posts on places we’ve eaten.  However I don’t want the world poking around what I’ve built here.  Hence, the two new sites. 

    So, I copied all travel posts to a new blog called Touchaku and all food posts to a blog called Shokumotsu.  The downside of getting into social media sites late in the game is many of the good choices are already taken. However, Touchaku means “arrivals” so we figured it’s not bad for our travel blog.  Shokumotsu means “food” so that too isn’t bad either. Also created were accompanying Instagram sites for both to showcase our pictures. 

    Touchaku Blog
    Shokumotsu Blog
    From the blog sites you can then find links to our Instagram pages. 

    All personal blog posts will still continue to be posted here.  

  • August 1, 2016 /  Misc, Uncategorized

    We finally made our first manju.  We followed a pkg recipe found on the Internet.  It isn’t pretty and we haven’t had the benefit of watching someone who knows what they’re doing.  However, it tastes pretty good!