• February 11, 2016 /  Canary

    We have heavy hearts again today as we lost the older of the two canary children, Yojo.  This loss was sudden and unexpected.  He’s been fine until last night where he seemed a little off. He occasionally fell while jumping from one perch to the next. I watched him closely and he otherwise seemed fine.  I thought maybe he hurt his foot or something.  And he may well have but ended up getting too worked up while struggling around.  He was fine when I left for work but unfortunately again for Deniz she made the sad discovery after uncovering the bird cages after I left.  

    He didn’t quite make his second birthday.  Since the fall, He had emerged as a real strong singer. We will really miss him. One of those puzzling things we will never know why.  

    RIP Yojo – March 9, 2014 – Feb 11, 2016


    Posted by Mark @ 2:42 pm

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  • May Yojo rest in peace. I feel so sad to lose him. He was fine only last weekend! My sympathies to both of you Mark & Deniz.

    Mama Dino

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