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    After the craziness of her trip there, her first day went fairly smooth in comparison. She arrived at the office there to do her part of the presentation. After work she headed to the mall, nice short 5min walk. Unfortunately, when it's 43C with a humidex of 58C she arrived all sweaty. She got some stuff and then returned to her hotel and grabbed a bite to eat at the hotel restaurant. Upon returning to her room she found it quite warm. After speaking to the hotel they ended up giving her another room as the AC was not working and they needed time to fix it. She packed up her two little bags LOL, and went to her new room next door. She found the rooms have a washing machine so picked up some detergent and put her stuff in to wash. Fortunately, her luggage arrived this morning. Hopefully the rest of the day has been better too.

    Posted by Mark @ 10:46 am

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  • Thanks Mark! You have become an excellent news Man. Deniz must be relieved that she does not have to worry about writing to each and everone of us separately! What would we do without you? I am at St. Joe’s still waiting to be called to the doctor’s office for my 10:30 appointment.

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