• March 5, 2018 /  Canary, Misc

    Well, after four months I don’t think Milo has much interest in Maya. Unfortunate but I guess just like with humans not every couple will like each other. But Maya keeps dishing out eggs and then spending relentless hours caring for them. Only to get nothing in the end. We started to feel sorry for her now. So, back to the pet store we went and returned with young male who looks a lot like Maya. Welcome Nobu (のぶ). On his first day with us he is already serenading us with a young song. But he’ll get better and stronger as he matures.

    I didn’t notice until we got home that he doesn’t have a birth bracelet. Either the breeder missed him or perhaps it fell off and they didn’t notice soon enough. So, unfortunately we don’t know for sure how old he is. But I’d say 6 months to a year old.

    Posted by Mark @ 9:57 pm

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